Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday (Times Three)...

Thursdays are when I post about the three things that I am MOST thankful are my Thankful Thursday (Times Three)...

1. Spring Break!!!

My Spring Break officially starts TOMORROW!!! And the DH and I are traveling to Houston to spend the week with my parents. I am SO looking forward to this trip and so thankful that I work in education and have mini vacations built into my work schedule!

2. Surprises!!!

I am NOT good at keeping secrets from my DH...but I have been holding onto this one for quite some time now. I have a HUGE surprise planned for him and it's killing me to keep it under wraps...don't worry, I'll post about it next week. So stay tuned!!

3. Our yard!!!

Our yard is starting to get back into shape and will hopefully be back to normal before the spring time is in full force. Our grass is coming back in and I have all kinds of plans for planting gorgeous blooms in the flowerbeds.

What three things are you most thankful for this Thursday?

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Stephanie said...

I am thankful for:

Family and Friends-- they are very suportive when needed and encouraging when life requires a little boost and they help hold us up in our adoption journey (which is full of joy and pain at times)

Generous managers and companies -- we have little foster baby placed in our home last night who can not go to daycare yet and my employer allows me a flexible schedule to make this work for our family.

Children-- my little girl (16 months)told me "i wub you" tonight. Made my heart melt. And my 12 year old is excited beyond belief about anohter baby in our home.