Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Journey...

So we've had another setback in our journey to becoming parents. My gastrointerolgist thought it would be best for me to wait until I had my 8 week infusion before giving me the clear to try IVF again. My next infusion isn't until the end of May, which means I won't be able to do another cycle until July.

As expected, I was very upset to hear this news. Don't get me wrong, I want everything to be perfect when we go through this cycle, I'm just frustrated with being told that we need to wait yet again.

Someone very important to me shared these words of wisdom...

It's not the finish, that makes a person but the roads we took to get to the end.....keep your mind and focus clear and enjoy each day you have been given.

So I'm taking this advice and focussing on the journey.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Update...

I feel as if I haven't blogged about our journey in SO LONG! The truth is, I haven't. I have been finding it so hard recently to blog or even read blogs. I have so many things going on in my life...between work, family, selling Mary Kay, trying to start out new Doggie Boutique business, and just everyday life, my blog and blog reading have come in last place.

I did want to give a quick update on where we are because I truly believe that this blogging community is a HUGE group of God's greatest Prayer Warriors. And I could always use prayers...

I am going in on Tuesday this week to get another infusion for my colitis. I truly believe with all my heart and soul that this new medication is doing the trick. I felt stomach aches or pains and I have lots of energy...Praise the Lord!!! On Friday this week, I will have another colonoscopy so my doctor can actually take a look to ensure the medication is working the way it should. If all is well, we are going to procede with another IVF procedure. I covet your prayers that my colon is continuing to heal and that we can pursue this avenue with IVF.

On another note, I have been very frustrated on the adoption journey lately. I tried to contact TWO different adoption of them I emailed and left a message for them TWICE. Unfortunately, NEITHER of the agencies have returned my call. Please pray that I receive peace over this situation. I am not sure if this is God's way of telling me to sit back and be patient or if it's His way of telling me to wait. Either way, I'd love your prayers for's so hard coming to the realization that we are finally READY to take this next step with adoption, to have the door slammed in our face. I know it is only temporary, but frustrating still the same.

I will blog again after my results this week with the medication and the colonoscopy. We ARE getting closer to becoming's finally HIS timing.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

God's Will or My Will?

I receive several devotionals through email and I was BLOWN away by how true this one today...

Even if we don’t understand God’s plan, we need to respond to his direction. In fact, when we don’t understand God’s plan, it is even more important to do exactly what he directs us to do.

Often, God asks us to make the choice to do his will before we know the specific details of his plan. That’s because part of God’s plan is to develop in us a trust of his character and his benevolence.

But this is where many of us get into a battle of wills with God, wanting him to reveal his plan to us first and only then will we decide whether or not to do what he tells us to do. (This is SO true for me.)

But that’s not the way it works. God wants you to decide in advance, trusting him and believing that his will is the best plan for your life, believing that he will strengthen you to do all that he asks you to do.

One reason God doesn’t give you the full picture of his plans for your life is that you may be overwhelmed by what you see. For instance, it may appear impossible for you to complete everything he plans for you during this Decade of Destiny. But that’s the point—there’s no way you can fulfill your mission without God empowering you.

Do you still think there is someone else to go to find out what direction to take? Perhaps you still believe you know best? Tell God, “I don’t know that I’m willing to step out in faith without first knowing everything that’s going to happen, but I’m willing to be made willing.”
This devotional is by Jon Walker, editor of the Daily Hope Devotionals and author of Costly Grace. Rick Warren says Costly Grace “strips discipleship down to its essentials, where we discover again that, when we face uncertainty, our only certainty is in Jesus.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Such a Good Feeling...

I have had a good feeling the past few weeks about the path we are headed with becoming parents. It just seems as if everything I've been waiting for is finally falling into place.

I had my second infusion for my colitis this week and I have to admit that I feel marvelous. I wasn't really feeling bad before, but something about this new medication is just reassuring me that it's working. I will have one more treatment in four weeks before my gastrointerologist performs another colonoscopy. I am praying that the results from this next colonoscopy will show COMPLETE healing of my colon.

Our home study renewal is going right as planned. We have just one more piece of information that we need to submit to have it completely renewed. I also contacted a local adoption agency and added our name to their next orientation for potentional adoptive parents. Although we had our home study for an entire year, we never made the next step to pursue adoption. But we have finally made it this go around.

My endocrinologist recommended that before I try another fertility treatment that I should go on a low carb diet and lay off of all the exercising. He has done several studies on diet and exercise and how they affect (or effect, I never know the difference) fertility. So for the past week, I have been going low carb and doing mild exercises. It was hard the first few days, but now I'm in a routine and I feel really good.

I think all of these pieces are finally fitting into the puzzle that I have been dreaming about it. And it's such a good feeling.