Friday, February 3, 2012


We had our follow up appointment with our fertility doctor yesterday to review the results from all the bloodwork I had taken a few weeks ago. We thought it was a good visit because we finally got some ANSWERS!

I promised myself that I would share all the tests that our doctor ran on me, mainly because I want anyone and everyone that is going through fertility treatments, to have these tests run on them too. And more importantly, I hope that you will request that your doctor run these tests immediately, instead of waiting until after you have spent thousands of dollars or experienced the heartache of miscarriage.

Here is the list of tests that my doctor ran on me:

Lupus Anticoagulant Evaluation
PTT LA Screen
Antiphospholipid  Antibody Syndrome
Factor V (Leiden) Mutation Analysis
Cardiolipin AB
Prothrombin Gene Analysis
Cardiolipin AB

What a long and crazy list...isn't it??? I honestly can't pronounce half of these tests!!

Well our doctor discovered that I have two of these....Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APLS) and Homocysteine.

In a nut shell, APLS is a syndrome where my body thinks the baby is some form of a disease and my immune system goes into overdrive trying to get rid of the disease (the baby).  Homocysteine is a Folic Acid deficiency.

My doctor is sending me to a Hematologist to confirm these tests and to ensure that the preventative measures he plans to implement during our next cycle will not be harmful to me.

My appointment with the Hematologist is next Tuesday, so I will update you on the results and how we plan to move forward. In the meantime, please share these tests with  your fertility specialists and request that you get tested NOW.

After six years of trying to have a baby, knowing that we have some answers is the BEST feeling in the world!