Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's One More Month?

On my last post, I shared about a new medication my gastrointerologist recommended that I take for my colitis. We had also planned to try IVF one more time soon. After a long conversation with my hubby, we have decided to post IVF for another month. We want to ensure that the new medication is working properly before we pay for another cycle of IVF.

So although I am so disappointed that we will be postponing the IVF cycle, I keep telling myself...what's one more month? We've waited this long for a baby, so waiting one more month to ensure that this new medication is working, is definitely worth it.

So we'll just continue to be patient, knowing that God has the perfect plan and the perfect baby waiting for us!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Around the Corner...

Most of you know already that I have colitis.

I was first diagnosed with it my junior year in high school. For at least the past 10 years, it has been under control and I haven't had any physical problems with it. Unfortunately, my gastrointerologist thinks that my colitis might be the reason we are having such a hard time getting pregnant. So he recommended that I try a new medication to see if it will heal me completely before moving on to IVF.

So yesterday I had my first treatment with the new medicaiton. It is given intravenously....for TWO HOURS! Yes, you read that correctly. I sat at the doctors office and received the medication through an IV for two hours. I will go back again in two weeks, then in another four weeks, and than after that I will receive the medication once every eight weeks. It's not my ideal why of receiving medication, but it sure beats taking four pills three times a day AND if it helps us get pregnant, I'm all for it!

For good measure, I called our local Children's Home Society and put our name on the invitation list to attend their next Adoption Seminar...our time is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Last Time...

We've made a big decision...we are going to try IVF one last time.

It's taken a lot of discussions, a lot of failed pregnancy tests, and a lot of prayers for us to finally come to this decision (not to mention a LOT of saving to be able to pay for this procedure again).

Please keep us in your prayers as we take this leap of faith.

And believe with us that this will be the last time we have to go through this procedure and that our dreams will finally come true!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The hubby and I have decided to renew our adoption homestudy. It has been a year already since our homestudy was finalized so I emailed our social worker to find out what paperwork we needed to submit to ensure everything was up to date.

After her response, I emailed her back asking her if she could recommend an agency that we should pursue. She responded with the website and a contact name for a local agency where many of her clients adopted this past year.

That very next weekend, my hubby helped out with an Open House at the marina where he works part-time. On the way home he told me about all the people he encountered that day.

He met a lady that had the cutest twins and he was commenting about how, after all these years of TTC, he would LOVE to have twins. The lady responded to my hubby telling him that that is exactly how she was blessed with her girls. She had an egg donor and one of the embryos split, creating the twins.

Later the hubby met another woman and they started talking about my job...that I am an assistant principal at a performing arts high school. She wanted to know more about my job and asked my hubby if I would be willing to contact her and maybe speak to some of the young girls where she works. The hubby took down her information and planned to share it with me when he got home.

That evening, I started a load of laundry and pulled out a piece of paper from my hubby's pocket. I was startled by what I read on the paper...

The lady that wanted me to speak to the girls works at the Adoption Agency that my social worker recommended we apply to.


I don't think so.