Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday (Times Three)...

Thursdays are when I post about three things that I am MOST thankful for that week. Here they are:

1. My JOB!!

With the economy taking this downward turn, I am SO thankful to have a good, steady job. I appreciate more and more every single day the job security I have.


I am SO looking forward to spring break next week. I will be spending the entire week in Houston with my family and friends. There will be GOOD times happening this week :)

3. My Greeting Cards Website!!

I kicked off my greeting cards website a few weeks ago...Greeting Cards for Our Garden...and I got my first custom order yesterday....invitations for a sweet little 2 years old birthday party. I have NO idea why I didn't think of creating invitations before, but I bought some cute stamps and will be adding that section to my site shortly.

What three things that are you most thankful for on this Thankful Thursday (Times Three)???

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