Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heavy Heart and Burdens...

I have a VERY heay heart this week...

Everytime I turn around, evil is trying to steal my joy away...and WHY????
  • I received some sad news about one of our teachers this past week.
  • My friend, Sarah, just received a BFN...her third IVF and still a BFN.
  • A coworker's cousin was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago and died this past weekend.
  • My husband shared a story with me about a 22 year old boy that plays amateur baseball, had the GREATEST game of his life, and was looking forward to the majors. Two hours later, he and two friends were hit by a drunk driver and were killed instantly.
  • A coworker shared with me that she found out she has skin cancer AGAIN and is going to the doctor on Thursday to hopefully have it all removed.

Why are all these things happening? Not only does my heart feel like it weighs a TON, but I am so burdened by all these events that sometimes it's hard to just keeping going. I DO know that He would never lead me where He doesn't plan to help me through...but am I supposed to learn a lesson from these events? Does He want me to understand the value and the GREAT gift of bearing children? Does he want me to be better at wearing sunscreen when going out in the sun? Does he want me to have a better awareness of drinking and driving?

All I know to do is to continue praying and to continue trusting Him for what I know is true...please lift these burdens and lighten the weight of my heart.

"Fear not; stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today." ~Exodus 14:13


Kelly said...

I have lifted up a prayer for your requests and for you. It is hard to see God's plan when there are so many negative things being thrown at us but remember HE is there; holding our hands and guiding us through.

Hollye said...

Small world. One of my scrapbooking girlfriends, her son was best friends with one of the baseball player who was killed and knew the other ones very well. Very sad. We had a rough week here in Nashville. Good Friday the town next to us was hit HARD by tornados. A young family, the Bryant's, have been in the news constantly. The mother and 9 week old baby were killed and the father is in critical condition. Heartbreaking. And one of the teachers at Kennedy's school, her husband found out a couple of weeks ago that he has a brain tumor. Well, while he was in the hospital, he got E. Coli and now is fighting that and they can not do surgery on his brian tumor until he is completely well from the other. It just seems like everytime I turn around, bad news is right there. I hate even watching the news and get sick to my stomach everytime I log onto my computer because a news update is the first thing I see. And the first thing I saw this after was more pirate stuff. What is going on? ARG. I think I just need to have a good cry.

Kendra said...

I know.
It's so hard sometimes.
I heard about the MLB player too, tragic.
And poor Sarah...there are no words.
It's those times that I just ask the Lord to hold me, because I can't even hold myself up...