Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Letting Go...

I am learning daily how to release my anxiety and just be patient. Those of you that REALLY know me, know that the word patience doesn't even EXIST in my vocabulary. But, as I posted earlier, I have been reading Kerry and Chris Shook's book One Month to Love: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life. I read the chapter Monkey Bars on our flight to New Orleans and had to read it a second time because it was a chapter that really needed to sink in. Here is a recap below:

A father has taken his son to the park to play. The son says that he wants to hang from the monkey bars. The father lifts him up and allows his son to get a good grip on the monkey bars. The son had held on for as long as he possibly could and said "okay dad, get me down." The father tells his son to just "let go, I'll catch you." The son refused crying, "no, get me down." After going back and forth for a little while...the son refusing again, the father telling him over and over to just let go, the father finally saying "son, I love you, I promise to catch you", then with white knuckles, the son lets go and the father catches him.

The moral of the story???? God is there ALL the time for us...ready and waiting to catch us when we fall. I must realize that I can't control everything in my life and I must be patient, surrender to God and just LET GO!


Jennifer said...

You are so true!
It was so nice talking to you earlier, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to lead you down the path that we took to achieve our little miracles, Addelynn and Alexander!!!!!!!!

Miss Anne said...

Learning to let go is a gracious gift from God.

Thank you for the sweet post on my blog... :)

I dont have an etsy site yet made, however I'm willing to do custom pieces (the ones you see posted is currently what I've made)

Email me with what you are interested in. :)


All the Best!

Miss Anne said...

p.s. i added myself to your "followers" list :)

great posts!

Cathy said...

Lianna, you are one of the most patient people I know. Maybe you are just good at keeping it to yourself. Whether you know it or not, you let go a long time ago. Even though you are still going through this long frustrating journey, you are at peace because you know God will take care of everything in His own time. Love you.

Heather said...

Oh, how I love this! Thanks for the encouragement. I so SOOOO "the white knuckled girl" hanging on for dear life while God is saying "let go" over and over. I wish I could just listen....even when I do for once, the next day/next time there I am hanging on for dear life again. This is good, girlie! Thanks!