Monday, September 20, 2010

Diet and Exercise...

This is one of those "being real" blog posts.
I am SO in need of a good diet and exercise plan. I weigh more today than I have EVER weighed and I am just plain miserable about it. None of my clothes fit and after looking at some pictures of me recently, I know I need to get on the ball and do something about it. I could use to lose about 10-15 pounds. It's not a lot, but seems to be the hardest to lose.
I was curious as to what diet and exercise plans you've tried that REALLY work. My doctor recommended that I not do a lot of strenuous exercising...he conducted a study that proved strenuous exercising was a factor in infertility in women. So I really want to try this out and see if we benefit from what he recommends.
But I would LOVE to hear your recommendations. The diet that really helped me the most was the South Beach I'm leaning towards getting back on that one. I've been doing a lot of fast walking and light weights, but I think my diet is the key to getting rid of these pounds.

I think that getting myself back in shape and just plain feeling good, will go a long way in our journey to becoming parents.
What diet and exercise plan have you been successful with?


Amanda said...

I will be honest. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I come from a family of tall thin folks, and I am a hobbit with plenty of junk in my trunk. Apparently, I got all the recessive genes! HA! Anyway, in the past I have always gone low carb to lose weight. It worked great after each of my children were born. In the years since I turned 30 though, I've had more and more difficulty with my weight. I could really stand to lose 20 pounds right now. It's just not as easy as it once was. :( We should start a blog for those of us who want to drop a few pounds as a support group for us! :)

belle said...

oddly, my weight is a factor in how i feel and i am seriously effected with a gain of only 5 lbs! ???

though to some i guess it's extreme BUT, when i have those last few lbs to lose, i strip down to basics!

drink only water (and a small glass of milk for breakfast) because all else is extra calories loaded with chemicals/preservatives/extras.... and juice that's processed/pasteurized has almost NO nutritional value! so, only if i just juiced it will i drink any.

i also strip everything that's not "made by God" in my diet. no prepackaged/ preservative laden/chemically altered ingredients.

i make (almost) everything from scratch. and no- i don't spend all day in the kitchen! this is so much easier than you would think! .... i have recipes if you want them. and i cut down on my quantities too! reading ingredient lists at the grocery store just made me choke one day! i just couldn't even pronounce the stuff in campbell's soups?!?!? so why eat it???

also, i use a step stool and step up/down several times a day in addition to daily walks and my thighs dropped about 3 inches!!!! always clinching my "patooty" muscles like i'm holding a quarter! lol i do love aerobics but my life doesn't allow it right now so i'm taking a "work smarter not harder" attitude as well.

i've dropped a TON of weight doing this but it did take time. several months....

best wishes!!!!

Jackie Koll said...

I have tried Weight Watchers several times and it does really work. Granted, just like with any diet if you don't stick to the changes, than it stops working. What I've also learned though, is if you excersice, even just adding walking into your routine, and don't change anything else, you will slowly lose weight. I do know that a lot of people (like you) have had success with South Beach so that might be something "comfortable" for you to go back too. Another one that is making head way right now is the Clean Eating Diet. I haven't tried it yet but want to just for a few weeks to see what it is like

Sonya said...

One thing I did that has helped me lose weight is to not eat anything after a certain hour at night. We are early eaters and usually have dinner around 5pm. I try not to eat after 7pm at the latest so my food has enough time to start digesting before I go to bed. They say 3 hours is best. I've not only lost some weight, but I feel better when I get up in the morning too.

The Rohman Family said...

Ugh. I wish I were as brave as you and could post on my blog how I feel about my weight. I'm at my heaviest right now. South Beach worked for me, but I found it difficult to stick to...never could make it 2 weeks on Phase 1...Phase 2 got easier. Weight Watchers has worked as well, but gained the weight right back. I think it's about a lifestyle change and unfortunately I just haven't found it in myself to make a TRUE change. Perhaps picking 1 or 2 things at a time that you can improve will make it all more manageable for you. Maybe I'll try to do the same. :)

Kati said...

I know you don't know me, but every once in awhile I read your blog to see how your doing. Just pulled it up this morning and saw you're looking for a good diet. I would try Weight Watchers. It is a great program and I've already lost 15 pounds on it by just concentrating on portions. My mom has lost 10, and we love the program.

You should check out my blog sometime. It's I make cakes (difficult to do when you're on a diet haha) but it's fun and I enjoy it.

Hope you're doing well.


Sethisto said...

I am really awful at both of them. The only way I can exercise is with a portable dvd player and a treadmill. I just get way too bored otherwise. If i have a good movie on though, I won't even notice.

Anonymous said...

As the guy above said