Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Serpent will NOT Succeed...

I had another great week in my Beth Moore Bible Study, Breaking Free.

This past week we talked about letting go of generational bondage...you know, things that happened with your grandparents or parents that are trickling down into your life. Well, one of the main topics was not letting Satan get the best of you and breaking that chain of bondage. Here are some of the great Beth Moore quotes from this past week...

"Always remember that any opportunity for Satan to work is an even greate opportunity for God to work."

"Satan is a deciever, leading our minds astray. The more undetected Satan's work remains, the less we'll resist him."

"We can think of Satan's subtleties as times his work is well camouflaged."

"Satan is out to take advantage of virutally anything God allows."

And the most meaningful quote of the week for me...

"If we refuse forgive, Satan finds an open door to outwit us or take advantage of us."

So, stand with me declaring that the Serpent will NOT succeed!