Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making Some Changes...

A friend of mine gave me a CD series called Living Beyond Disease by Michelle O'Donnell. The CD's discuss how God NEVER intended for us to go through pain, suffering, heartache, struggles, or disease.

Michelle also shares how we should EXPECT good things to happen in our lives and to stop dwelling on disease (in my life, disease is infertility). We should repent for the thoughts, words, and actions that we've committed that infer disease is a part of our lives, pray for forgiveness, and then change our thoughts, words, and actions toward what we expect. Michelle also recommends we repent, pray and ask for what we expect to happen for all of our families, friends and acquaintances that have had those same thoughts, words, or actions on disease.

When I started this blog, I titled it..."Growing Our Own Garden: Our Journey Through Infertility." The more I looked at the title, I realized that I was giving power to infertility. I was claiming that my husband and I are infertile. I was feeding the disease that consumes my life by declaring the reason for this journey as infertility.

So I took my first step in repenting, praying, and expecting a change in my life...I changed the title of my blog to "Growing Our Own Garden: Our Journey to Parenthood."

And I am determined to live my life BEYOND disease and embracing the Lord who will guide me continually and satisfy me in drought so I will be like a watered garden. ~ Isaiah 58:11

Will you join me?


N and M said...

Love it. Good attitude! :)

Kendra said...

YES!! The Lord is working on this area of my heart too. I tend to get worried when things are going "too well", that bad news is just around the corner.

Oh Satan, you are so tricky!!!

The Lord wants us to EXPECT good things! That's one of the reasons I have been claiming Romans 15:13 so much, I want God to allow the Holy Spirit to OVERFLOW me with hope!! And you too my sweet friend!!!

Laurie said...

Lianna, I think what you're doing is wonderful! And I like your new blog subtitle. You may have read on my blog about my chronic illnesses and, because of the supernatural power of God, have been able to "live beyond" my diseases many times over and I'm sure I will need that strength again! We just can't do it without Him! Thanks for reinforcing that for me! Praying for you...God bless you and your husband! ♥Laurie

Alyson said...

Love it!! Because we are all on the journey to parenthood!! Praying for you, sweet friend!

Rach@In His Hands said...

A change in perspective can be so refreshing. Thinking of you as you walk this journey.

Anna said...

I am usually a lurker, but I wanted to say that I'm kind of in the same place as you sound like you're in. I'm learning to get past the label and start really living like infertility does not define me. I am feeling closer to God and stronger because of it. I'm glad you are growing through this as well! :)