Monday, September 21, 2009

Adding Another Book...

Many of you expressed to me that you would like to join the book club, but that you had already read Supernatural Childbirth. So, while on our trip back home from Destin, I finished up another book that I'd like to share.

This book is called A Spiritual Companion to Infertility by Julie Irwin Zimmerman. It is a quick read with only eleven chapters. Here is a quick look at the titles of each chapter:
  • Why, God?
  • Men, Women, and Marriage
  • The Isolation of Infertility
  • Loving Ourselves as God Loves Us
  • Special Situaions (Miscarriages, Secondary Infertility, Step-parenting and Infertility)
  • Making Decisions
  • The Morality of Treatment
  • Moving On
  • Other Options: Adoption
  • Other Options: A Family of Two
  • Waiting in Hope

I must admit that the very first chapter, Why, God? was my absolute favorite! After each chapter, the book lists verses in the Bible that correlate with the chapter as well as gives you a few prayers to meditate on. Here is one of the prayers that I really liked:

Here me, O Lord. Sometimes You feel so far away. I pray and pray, and I wonder if You hear me. I know ther are no guarantees that You will grant me what I ask. I want a child so badly, But I want too to do Your will. I will try my hardest to trust You, even when it's hard to do. All I ask is that You let me feel Your presence and comfort me in these dark days. I ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

So, if you'd still like to join and read this book instead (or read this one second, if you haven't read Supernatural Childbirth yet), please read this post on how to get started.

I am really feeling good about what a difference this will make in all of our lives!


Faith said...

I'd be interested in reading this book. Great idea on the book club =)

Hope your anniversary getaway was wonderful!

Leslee said...

Ohhh that prayer is wonderful! Expresses everything I feel.