Friday, June 26, 2009

Bags a Plenty GIVEAWAY!!!

There is absolutely NO special occasion, no milestone achieved, no records broken...I just felt like hosting a GIVEAWAY!!!

You ladies are SO very special to me...I love seeing your comments, hearing your advice, reading your words of encouragment and more importantly, receiving your prayers. So this one is for YOU!!

One lucky winner will be given these...

Aren't they the cutest little bags??? I picked up a few for myself too. I liked these two the best...

I used one of mine this past weekend...Two rolled up beach towels fit PERFECTLY inside (along with my cell phone, sunscreen, and camera)!!

All you have to do is leave me a comment and let me know how you would use these adorable bags! A randomly drawn winner will be announced next Wednesday!


Alyson said...

I love them, too!! I think the purple striped one is my fav!!
Still praying for you--2010...I'm believing it is the year for us!

Miss Anne said...

love these bags!!
i'd use them for my lunches
or to the beach
or for snacks to a ballgame.

:) you know, handy cute stuff!

The Dyess Family said...

Love the bags! I would definitely use them as a beach bag, dog bag, magazine bag, and etc... Keeping you in my prayers.

I also wanted to say that I tried to comment on your OV Watch post, but couldn't. I bought one and tried using it one month, but it only worked for a few days (long enough that it was too late to start the cycle over ((on the watch)) and then it started giving me an error message!!!! ugh! So, that meant I had wasted that sensor and could not even use it that month. boo! I never tried to use it again. Besides that, it was not very comfortable to wear. I have heard good and bad reviews on it, so I guess it is different for everyone. I did hear that certain medical conditions and certain fertility medicines can alter the accurate-ness of it. Keep us updated if you try it! Good Luck!

Lastly, the main thing that got us through our struggle with infertility was knowing that it was on our timing that we would get pregnant, but more of HIS timing as to when it would happen! That alone gave me great peace.

Cathy said...

Oh the possibilities these bags can hold for me! Maybe even using them to bring 'all' my stuff home when I come to visit you! Ha!

Lisa said...

Yeah! These are adorable! I would use them to go to the pool at the lake, to take food to friends parties, and to carry things on the golf cart. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

I agree--I have met some really nice people and am thankful for their prayers and comments.

Thanks Lianna for your encouragement and support! ((HUGS))

Lisa :)

Constant Family said...

I love these bags. I would use them to take things to the lake or pool. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Dottie said...

Very cute -- I'm always schlepping stuff around -- my sewing, books and magazines, food for parties.

Alyson said...

Okay, so I just realized that I told you I loved them, and even which one I'd choose, but forgot to mention HOW I'd use it! Oops!!

I would love to use it for my crocheting projects--I'm always working on something, and would probably put my yarn it it! Or for taking my swim suit and a book over to my parents' house for a swim. Texas summers are just too hot to bear without a swimming pool! Wish I had one at my house!

Okay...I think I'm now officially entered in your contest! ;-)

By the way...I LOVE the bench!! You've inspired me to paint some chairs for my backyard too!

Ben and Emily said...

Very cute! I especially love the black/white polka dot one!

(I'm new to your blog...but have enjoyed reading it very much!)


Jennifer said...

me! I would love one! I think the b&w polka dots is my favorite too. what don't I put in bags is the question??? I carry bags everywhere.

Clancy said...

Who can't use a cute little bag? We are always looking for something to carry all of our stuff to the pool, church or just to the car. They are very cute.

zentmrs said...

These are darling! I'd use mine for beach things. It is beach time here after all!

Thanks for the fun!!