Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday (Times Three)...

Several of my blog friends have special posts of the week...and I couldn't resist starting one of my own. Heather has a "Wordless Wednesday" and my other friend at Naturally Caffeinated has an "Accblogability Friday" , just to name a few.

So I've been inspired to start my own weekly ritual....Thankful Thursday(Times Three)!!!

Every Thursday, I'll post three things that I am thankful for. So here is my FIRST Thankful Thursday (Times Three) !!! Don't you just LOVE the alliteration???

1. A wonderful marriage. ..

My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary yesterday. My DH always has to "out do" me for special occasions, and I woke up yesterday morning to find this hanging on our wall!!! I seriously sat there for a minute and just laughed....can you imagine all the effort that went into making this for me??? Not only did he create my Anniversary Wall in silence the night before, but he meticulously cut out each letter on a separate piece of paper, and he must have stood on a ladder to have it so straight and neat for my BIG morning anniversary surprise. Priceless!!!

We had a low-key anniversary dinner last night at Outback. It was nice to just relax, share great conversation, and enjoy three years of marriage. The DH just about DIED when I asked our waitress to take our Outback no less :)

2. The safety and well-being of my family and close friends in Houston after Hurricane Ike...

I couldn't resist swiping this coaster from Outback..."Houston, we have a Prime Rib." Was this a sign or what??? Here we are in Jacksonville, Florida and our coaster was TOTALLY dead-on. Although it is referencing the common phrase, "Houston, we have a problem", it really made me reflect on the tragedies and heartaches of those suffering from Hurricane Ike. Here I am (only three states away) enjoying a nice steak dinner, while others are wondering where their next meal will come from...and to make it even worse, in my OWN home town. Please continue to pray for those that were affected by Ike and ask for their patience, tolerance, and prosperity for the years to come.

3. Fresh flowers...

I absolutely LOVE fresh flowers! I don't need a special occasion to purchase flowers because I just love to see them and smell them ALL the time. These came from our local grocery store, but I have been known to visit the local florists for an assortment of seasonal flowers.

Now that I've finished my FIRST Thankful Thursday (Times Three)...please share with me what YOU are thankful for this Thursday!!!


Heather said...

I love "Thankful Thursday (times three!)
Here are mine:
1. A wonderful husband and son
2. A comfortable and safe home
3. "Grey's Anatomy" starts in one week!
Praise you, Jesus! :)

Jill said...

THankful THursday for me...

1. That you are the most thoughtful, creative, wonderful daughter a mother could have.
2. That you are blessed with a great man that loves you.
3. That we are having cool weather while we have no electricity after Hurricane Ike.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. I would love to talk with you about your infertility journey. My husband and I went through infertility for 4 years. Please send me your email :) Here are my Thankful Thursday items!
1) A wonderful husband
2) Two Precious little miracles, Addelynn and Alexander
3) A loving family and supportive friends

Krysta said...

Great post! Your hubby is the sweetest!
My TT stuff:
1. My wonderful, caring husband
2. My supportive, loving family
3. My sweet blog friends like you!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Missed it by a day, but I figured you'd let me comment anyway:

-husbands who pack and move for you!
-that the P-List is all over the blog world, creating a community of prayer
-for new friends!
-and for babies I know we'll have one day!

That dress looks awesome on you!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Thanks for the mention :) Wow, awesome anniversary wall by Hubby! Super cute picture! My Hubby has gotten so used to me asking random people to take our picture, ha! I have in another post that my Aunt was so embarrassed though, haha!

*An amazing husband!
*One miracle baby, and hopefully more!
*Family and friends, new and old!