Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Postive vs. Negative...

I have been surrounded by a lot of negativity lately. Which makes it really tough to stay positive.

My negatives...

My husband's grandmother is pretty ill and is having a hard time remembering things that are important for every day living. She doesn't want to get up, put puzzles together (which she normally would LOVE to do), or even help out around the house. It's pretty sad to see someone you love going through something like this.

Although my parents and immediate family weathered through Hurricane Ike, it really upset me to see all the damage that has happened to my hometown. Check out my mom's blog, she has some pretty unrealistic pictures posted. My best friend, Tedra, told me today that people in Baytown are just going crazy...literally! There is a lot of theft, arguing, and just plain hatefulness going on because of the devastation. All of this just breaks my heart!

Our infertility is ALWAYS there and continues to bring me down. Just when we need to be getting ahead, the economy and gas prices are dragging us down.

My Positives...

We have a loving family that is doing anything and everything they can to help Grammy. I have so much respect for my DH...he, without fail, watches Grammy every Tuesday. When she was in the hospital, he made it his top priority to put her first and even stayed a few nights at the hospital.

My family is so so blessed to not have experienced the tragedy of losing their home through Ike. They are still without power, but are enjoying the luxury of having a 38foot motorhome with all the amenities.

The DH's business has picked up. He has been showing boats for the past two days. I just know he will be selling something VERY soon!

Our new insurance kicks in on October 1st. We are hoping that it will cover more of the IVF expenses and completely cover IUI's. I also opened a savings account today for our infertility treatments. It doesn't have a LOT of money in the account, but it's a start. I can't even begin to explain how great I felt after leaving the bank!

My POSITIVES surely outweigh my NEGATIVES!!!

I have been trying my best to literally pick up my Bible, listen to my Lakewood CD in the car, or just meditate, when negativity starts coming my way. It really does help!

My verse to follow this week....

"Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass."~Psalm 37:5


Moni Graf said...

Hi Lianna,
Thank you so much for the sweet comment on our blog.

I'm so sorry that you're having struggles right now....with family, fertility, finances.....all the F's! You have the right outlook. Keep putting your trust and faith in the Lord. I'm saying a prayer for you now!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about fertility treatments. I've been down that road....obviously. I might be able to answer some things!

Love from KS,

Ashley Griffin said...

hey, i found your blog through LPM and i hope you don't mind the comment...
i have been reading a book lately called The Richest Man On Earth, it's about King Solomon and Proverbs. and in it the author says that we should let our UNhappiness serve as an alarm that our focus has been shifted and we need to get it back.
I love that. Anytime I start to have a list of negs...i just make my list of positives..and they AlWAYS win!

Also, I have come to learn in my life that it's not reaching the destination that is so important..it's how you waited that really matters....