Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Limbo...

I received confirmation from our RE that we can move forward with another round of IVF. Can I tell you just how hard it is to decide what we should do next?!?! David and I have been talking, thinking, praying and  contemplating what our next steps should be these past few weeks. Should we try IVF again or should we just move to adoption?!?

I did realize that it is time to renew our Home Study again...can you believe it has been three years since we got our Home Study and we have yet to officially put our hat in the ring for adoption. We have our Home Study completed, our Life Book put together, an adoption agency picked out...yet we haven't pulled the trigger yet. We put our adoption journey on hold, recommended by our Social Worker, since we had planned to pursue another IVF.

We are still in limbo stage right now...not sure how to move forward, but we are praying that the Lord will lead us into the direction He has planned for us.


meg said...

Praying that you will know which decision is right for you right now!! This all has to be so stressful on you both ... praying for strength and a baby! :)

Linda said...

Hi, Liana! I can understand your questions and am praying for a baby to fill your arms soon. We have one adopted granddaughter and four biological grandchildren---all equally loved. When we were waiting on our adopted granddaughter to be born and the adoption to go through, our daughter-in-law found out she was pregnant after an earlier miscarriage. She asked me what I felt they should do, and I said "Take any baby God chooses to give you" and they went through with the adoption and had a biological baby 9 months afterwards. Both babies (no longer babies) have been such a blessing to our family and we know God sent them both to us. Why not pursue the adoption and maybe try another IVF and see how God decides to give you a baby--maybe both ways. That's just a suggestion from our family's experience. I know you know what's best for your family financially and other-wise so this might not be a feasible option. However, if it is, this is just a thought. Whatever, I am praying for you to have a baby in your arms before too long.

Lori said...

Bless your heart. I am praying for you to be given a CLEAR and precise answer that you feel complete peace about. I know the what-ifs are so hard...I was COMPLETELY ready to just ditch IVF altogether, even after the failed adoption, in favor of adoption again. Thankfully, John said he just wanted to at least try. So...three years later, three pregnancies, three babies, one in heaven, one in my arms and one currently in my tummy...I'm grateful John was given that direction, because I sure didn't feel sure.

Praying for your certainty...and for the precious baby boy or girl who will call you mommy one day.

Rosemary Abel said...

My parents didn't have the option of IVF back in the late 80's in New Zealand. They were on the adoption waiting list for half a dozen years and then discovered a new option.

They went down the track of Donor Insemination, I was conceived on the first go and then they were unable to conceive again until the very last go.

My sister and I share the same donor father however we're both the spitting image of our Mum, and I in particular look and act a lot like our Dad (despite not being biologically related to him). It's nature over nurture, being the biological link doesn't make you the parent, it's what you do after that counts.

I wish you both the best of luck with this very hard decision, my love and thoughts are with you.