Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hematologist Appointment...

The devil is working his nasty little tail off to try and bring me down. But it's not going to matter how hard he tries. Let me explain...

About three weeks ago, I scheduled my appointment to see the hematologist immediately after speaking with our fertility doctor. The day before my appointment, I received a phone call from the nurse, confirming my appointment and the location. This particular hematologist has two offices/locations. I wasn't familiar with one of the locations, so as I was traveling to my appointment the next day, I called the office to make sure I was traveling in the right direction. The receptionist seemed puzzled as we were talking and shared that my appointment was actually at the other location. I told her to please call that location to let them know that I was going to be a little late because the reception that called to confirm my appointment had actually told me the WRONG location. We hung up and proceeded to travel to my appointment. Not five seconds later, I received a phone call from the same nurse letting me know that the hematologist had already left for the day!! I was BEYOND mad at this point. The nurse asked me to give her a call once I got out of my car so we could set up another appointment. She could tell that I was frustrated because of this inconvenience.

I got home and called the doctor's office to set up another appointment. The Lord knew I was at my breaking point and he sent the sweetest lady to help me reschedule my appointment. She was kind, apologetic for the mix up, and literally calmed me down within a few minutes of being on the phone. We rescheduled my appointment for the following week.

The devil doesn't give up that easily though. The day before my rescheduled appointment, the receptionist called to confirm my appointment and the location again. I specifically asked her again if she could confirm the location because of the mix up I had the previous week. She seemed irritated at the mention of that situation and was not very friendly when I called the NEXT day to confirm again before I left work for the appointment.

I get to my appointment on time and the doctor doesn't see me until an hour later...can you say FRUSTRATION?!?!? During my meeting with the hematologist, I found out that he is partners with the doctor I see for my Remicade (my colitis medication). I WISH I would have known this because I am already familiar with my Remicade doctor and his office is less than five minutes from my work!! In any event, the hematologist wanted to run all the same tests over again to confirm what our fertility doctor had recommended. This meant that I had to go the very next day to have another pint of blood withdrawn and then wait ANOTHER TWO WEEKS for the results.

I have definitely learned the meaning of patience...I honestly feel like the most patient person in the entire world!!

I scheduled an appointment for this past Friday to meet with the hematologist and get my results. It also just so happened that I was scheduled to have Remicade that same day too. My hematologist appointment was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and my Remicade for 2:00 p.m. I'm sure you know what happened...I received a call the day before my appointments to let me know that I had to reschedule one of the appointments because my file could not be in both places on the same day. WHAT?!?!?!? Needless to say, I kept my Remicade appointment and rescheduled my hematologist appointment for tomorrow, Monday, at 2:10 p.m.

This seems like some sick joke, doesn't it????

Please pray that we get some answers tomorrow AND that my appointment is not rescheduled for any reason. We are so ready to confirm what our fertility doctor suspects and be able to move forward in this journey.

By the way, I've decided to change my name to Job...I'm sure this is exactly what he felt like!!!!

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Life Happens said...

As if infertility isn't a trial in patience enough, you get to be tested for patience again! Sorry for all that craziness. I hope your next appointments go well and everything will run smoothly!