Monday, February 8, 2010

Cutest Couple!!! UPDATE

Today is the LAST DAY to vote for us for Cutest Couple!! We are so close to being in 1st place, so please place your votes! Just click on the link below and hit the #10! Thank you :)

My mother-in-love told me about this contest that a local radio station is hosting...Cutest Couple!

The winning couple will win a $200 gift card to Capital Grille!!! Isn't that awesome???

Just wait, it gets better. The winning couple will also win front row tickets to see Reba McEntire and George Strait in concert AND an all expense paid hotel stay in Orlando!!!

How SWEET is that???

Well, of course I had to enter the DH and I.
So please take a look at our page HERE and start voting!! You can vote up to 10 times a keep the votes coming our way.

I DEFINITELY think that a weekend alone, in a nice hotel, with an awesome dinner, is WELL deserved!


Jennifer said...

i voted a bunch of times. hope you guys win!!

Lisa said...

I hope that I am voting the right way...I clicked on your link and then hit the number 10...several times. Is this right?

Lisa :)

Kendra said...

COOL!!! I just voted for you guys =) Hope you win!!

Miss Anne said...

Guess who just voted 10 times?

GO team KNIGHT! :)

Amanda Mae said...

How cool! I will definitely get to voting :) Good luck!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Headed to vote now....

Lori said...

Adorable...and how cute? Online dating service??? LOVE that!